Peter Scherrer is an abstract painter who lives and works in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles. Peter Scherrer arrived in Los Angeles with a tiny duffle bag and directions to the Rainbow on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. He'd heard it was the place to be. A native of Switzerland, Scherrer grew up in a small village outside of Zürich. Although he’d traveled throughout Europe, Los Angeles was new territory. It was a place to test his mettle and experience rock n’ roll, sex and beach culture – American style. Scherrer had been in art schools since the age of 16, and had earned a degree in graphic design. L.A. was creative, fertile ground and home to one of the best design schools in the world. Always hungry to learn but mainly looking for an excuse to extend his stay, he enrolled at Art Center College of Design, and in 1993, he completed a BFA and a few years later an MFA at the same school. For years Scherrer worked as a graphic designer. When he started out, graphic design was pretty much hands on. Designers had to know how to draw, paint, photograph, process and produce. They got dirty. They sliced their fingers on their straight edge. Scherrer liked designing with the tools of his trade but he was also adaptable, and eventually – like everyone else – he transitioned from drawing boards and paper to computer screens and design applications. He also made the leap from hired gun to running his own design studio. Years later, with a successful studio and a substantial portfolio of creative, professional work, Scherrer returned to his first medium – painting. Now, his hands get dirty. He smells his medium. His tools are real. Sometimes he returns to the computer to set typography to use in his paintings, but mostly he works with acrylic on canvas. Although there is a sense of chaos or freeform, in fact, Scherrer often maintains a grid – sometimes hidden, sometimes more obvious.


I explore neighborhoods and my works are interpretations of what i see. from architecture, signage, wild postings, advertisements and graffiti, they are represented in my work. the layers that are not visible are just as important as the ones that are.


1992 BFA Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA 1995 MFA Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA


Scherrer has participated in various group shows in Southern California. In 2014 he had a solo show at the Swiss Consulate, Los Angeles.